Seven Habits of Successful Sellers

Seven Habits of Successful Sellers

Smart sellers make the most money when they put their property on the market, but their rewards don't come without effort.

Since your property is likely your largest financial asset, why wouldn't you give it your best shot?

This quick list will help you to succeed.

Partnering up

A smart seller will choose their agent carefully. Their criteria focuses on communication and negotiation skills, the agent's experience of the neighborhood and their success in selling properties of similar size and price.

Pristine preparation

Fewer folks are looking for fixer-uppers these days. The rising cost of building materials and labor means buyers want homes where they can just move in and enjoy. Smart sellers make sure their homes look great.

First impression

Making that all-important first impression is a priority for smart buyers. From the street, your home must look fabulous. Smart sellers will revamp the front yard, fix cracks in paths and driveways and repaint the exterior.

Buyer focus

Smart sellers always focus on buyers, and allow them every opportunity to walk through the property. It's important to give folks every opportunity to purchase with the least inconvenience.

Be open

There's no point in being economical with the truth. Smart sellers will be honest with their prospective buyers about any issues with the property or the neighborhood. They know building inspections and a little research will eventually reveal the accurate picture. So why be evasive and risk a buyer's distrust?

Keep it real

Know the value of your property and be prepared to hit the market with a realistic price to attract as many buyers as possible. Smart sellers only enter into reasonable negotiations. 


Smart sellers will recognize when they have a serious buyer on the other side of the negotiating table. A smart seller will compromise to strike a deal if price conversations are realistic. Owners who hold out for an unrealistic price will lose the buyer, and the property will languish on the market, losing value.

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